Monday, July 11, 2011


The end of the home addition project is so close! Of course, there is many little things to be done yet, but the major construction is almost finished.

On Monday, Ed took advantage of the holiday to  put in a full day of mason work. He worked on the wall around the mud room and is nearly finished.

But time and energy ran out before the last few brick were finished. He figured he has one more evening of bricking and hoped to finish this week. But the rest of the week was too busy and no more work was done on  it.

On the weekend, we traveled to NC to visit Ed's sister Jean and family. It was a good/hard visit. Good to see the family again, lots of fun playing with cousins, but  hard to watch them cope with Jason's death. It was certainly what I needed to stop complaining about the wild animals eating our chickens. Sometimes you have to walk with another to put your own life in proper perspective.


  1. Amen Gina! Amen.
    I am glad you had a good visit with Jason's family. I am sure they welcomed it as well.

  2. Gina, though I haven't commented much, I read your blog & have been thinking of your sister-in-law and her children. We recently lost a young mother/family member to cancer - and she left 4 children behind. Most are coping - but one is struggling (get mad at her dad because she doesn't know how to deal w/ the feelings) ... I am thankful your family is close to each other & to our Lord. May He continue to grant special peace & comfort. PS the addition is looking GREAT!!!

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing the house project. It has been a fun thing to look forward to each week.
    As I was having a pity party for myself recently, I thought of Jean and her children as they struggle to "put one foot in front of the other" after the loss of husband and dad, Jason. May God be their strength moment by moment. Praying on for them in this over-
    whelming loss.

  4. Gina and family,
    I can sure tell they are related! What a great looking group of children! Glad to hear the visit was a nice one, I cannot imagine the feelings Jason's family have gone through. God will sustain and keep them.
    Debbie S.

  5. I have enjoyed seeing the house updates! I really like the statement that the black front door makes! Looks great!

    I want you to know that I've been thinking about/ praying for your sister-in-law and her children.


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