Friday, January 21, 2011

Cookbook for Orphans

I LOVE cookbooks. It is an addiction I probably inherited from my mom.

Recently, Kaylene Hartzler, a Home Joys reader from Georgia, sent me her cookbook, Kay's Country Cookin'.

A quick flip through it's pages and I knew I found a new favorite. The cookbook has several contributors and contains a large variety of recipes. Kaylene enjoys using whole grains and natural sweeteners and many of her recipes already have the adjustments made. I'm looking forward to checking out the crock pot and canning sections as well. I even found some great looking bread recipes to try.

And this cookbook is large. Well over 400 pages! It should keep me in new recipes for a long time.

Kaylene was inspired to write a cookbook after learning of the millions of orphans around the world. Kaylene and her husband adopted a little boy last year. ALL the proceeds from the cookbook fund adoptions to give children a loving home and place to belong.

To get your own taste of Southern cooking, email Kaylene at


  1. That is wonderful! My Husband and I are hoping to adopt this year, and we know it can be sooooo expensive. We are going to go through our States foster care system, or at least try to. This is a wonderful way to fund adoptions for the severely less fortunate children in other countries. Bless her for doing this!

  2. Adoption is vey expensive. I hope they are successful.


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