Monday, September 20, 2010

Starting New Grape Vines

Despite all my garden failures this year, there has been a few successes.

Last winter I read about starting your own grape vines from cuttings on Simple Green and Frugal. It looked so simple, I had to try it.

We have planted at least ten grape vines the past couple years but have killed all but four and two of those are barely alive. I liked the idea of increasing our grape vines without spending any more money on something I'd probably kill.

When I pruned the grape vines, I followed the directions to save 18 inch cutting. These I stuck in an old nursery pot filled with compost and garden soil. They said to expect only half to root. I figured my success would be even less so filled the pot with about a dozen cuttings. At least a third of the cuttings are growing leaves so I expect there is a root system growing as well.

I took cuttings from our one grapevine that is growing successfully and also from my parent's grapevine. My question now is what to do with it over winter. I think I should plant the new grapevines when they are still dormant in March or April. But I don't want them to freeze out over winter. I'm thinking of digging a hole and placing the whole pot in the ground to insulate it.

Any other ideas?


  1. I'll have to bookmark this post- We're about to head into our second year with grapes and if it goes well, we've left room for expansion. I'd love to be able to do it without any other expense besides the trellis.

  2. Gina, Thanks for the "reminder". I've been wanting to do this with the grapes on our farm (which are sweet, and we harvest them earlier than most). Now, only to remember in Feb.... Barb

  3. We have tried several times to get grapes to grow and never have succeeded. Guess we will never be able to provide the wine for communion!

    BTW, you look like your mother!! :)
    Was great to meet them at meeting.


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