Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowy Home Joys!

I know that a foot of snow does not bring joy and gladness in the heart's of some folks. There are many snow removal workers, stranded travelers, and emergency personal that have not enjoyed a merry weekend.
But in my warm home, looking out to a sparkling white world, watching children shuffle through powdery flakes with shining eyes and rosy red cheeks, life could hardly get better! These are days that I love being a homemaker! No where to go, nothing that "must get done" (besides care for my family). Saturday, the snow was all fluff but today it was wet enough to build a snowman!
Snow at Christmas is rare here and, for the past two years, we have had hardly any snow. So for our children, this is one of the few times they've played in the snow! And probably never this quantity. They were in bliss!
I've enjoyed having chickens this year as it gets me out of the house at least a couple times a day to give them warm water and check the eggs. It is only out the back door, past the garden and up the hill, but the walk, even in brisk cold weather, does me good.

Inside the coop, the sun is shining in the windows and it is surprisingly comfortable. Egg production has dropped significantly with the cold weather but, so far, we still have enough.

The cold frame didn't fare so well with the weight of the snow. We need some heavier tubing. We still have it covered with row cover, but my husband is thinking of replacing it with some heavy plastic for the winter.

But inside there is still some lettuce! I can't believe it can survive!

Now we are back in the house for story time before naps! After the fresh air and exercise, there is no reluctance to be tucked in!

Oh, give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good, for His mercy endureth forever!


  1. I have been enjoying your blog.
    The snow is so pretty. Also enjoy the pictures of the chickens, hoping sometime soon can get chickens again, have missed them. The fresh lettuce looks so good. Makes me ready for gardening season.I don't think a cold frame would work here this time of year as we have had wind chills of below zero.

  2. Hi Gina
    The problem with your cold frame is not the GrowCover, it is the supporting frames. If you can replace them with something stronger then you will not have any collapses and the GrowCover is more than strong enough to bear the weight of the snow.
    Clear plastic is not the solution. In fact plastic only works if you keep it clear of snow so that it can heat up the interior air when the sun shines.
    I suggest you leave your GrowCover in place (evidence - your lettuces still growing) and don't worry too much. The snow covering will in fact tend to insulate (think eskimo igloos). You will only need to disturb it when you are harvesting your lettuce.
    Try it out, but you will need stronger supports.
    Best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and the New Year.
    John & Kate

  3. John and Kate
    Thanks so much for the tips! I know our supports were not adequate. One of those times we used what we had on hand and not really what would be ideal! We have been very pleased with the GrowCover and never ever expected for it to "work" in the dead of winter in this climate! My husband's thoughts on using plastic were for just the worst month or two here in the winter - then switching back to the GrowCover. I just love how the GrowCover allows the bed to "breathe" and get rainfall without me doing anything with it! In fact, I forget all about the cold frame until I want to harvest. Totally hands/mind off!
    Thanks again, Gina


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