Friday, April 10, 2009

A New Seamstress!

For our daughter's fifth birthday, my mom gave her a little sewing kit which included some simple embroidery patterns and all the supplies needed. I thought that sewing would be beyond the interest of our wild tomboy! But surprisingly, she has really taken to it! In the first couple days, she almost has the first square done! It has been fun to see her sitting primly working on her sewing!
I wanted her to have somewhere to keep her sewing and made her this tote bag! I just used some fabric scraps, and was so happy with the results! I love any excuse to make a new tote bag!
I used the pattern I found here to make this adorable little pouch! These were so fun that I'll be making more for sure!!!
I also designed this little case for holding her needles safely.


  1. neat-o!! What will her finished product be?? Are you a bag lady too??? I enjoy containers and bags of all kinds!!

  2. The kit contains three little squares of fabric, all with bears holding hearts. They are 5x7 size and can be framed or made into a pillow. I'm not sure what these will end up being! Gina

  3. Hi Gina.....great job with the bag and accessories! And that's one cute little stitcher you have there!!! Maybe the project could be a little wall hanging.

    Best wishes with your coming delivery....I'm hoping for your baby to come on my birthday, the 17th :-)


  4. Hello; I've recently found your blog and I am vrey inspired by what what I've read. Could you tell me what pattern you used to sew your daughters sewing bag?

  5. Gina, I was just reading your recent post linked back to this post on teaching your daughter to machine sewing. I remembered reading this post way back when and looking up the kit you used but couldn't remember where I found it. To help out others (and myself, if I forget again), I wanted to comment that these are the Jack Dempsey Stamped Embroidery Kit Beginner Samplers and that they can be found on the Jack Dempsey Needle Art website here ( and at many other places if you look it up. Also, the Jack Dempsey folks offer "Mentoring Blocks" for $1 to use to teach others embroidery. Anyway, I hope you don't mind!
    My oldest son is almost 10, but my oldest daughter is just 5 and about ready for something like this. Thanks!
    Shannon in Ohio


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