Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall Garden Update

After searching numerous greenhouses for broccoli plants and almost giving up. (Next year I know to get my broccoli plants in August!) I'm extra grateful for the broccoli that is growing wonderfully now! We've been eating broccoli several times a week for a couple weeks. We are hardly keeping up with the growth so next week I plan to put some broccoli in the freezer.

I'm again very pleased with the results of using the floating row cover. Since our first frost, and the disappearance of the little white cabbage worm butterflies, I've kept the broccoli uncovered. I've only found two worms in the many heads we've eaten. It is a whole lot easier to harvest the broccoli when it isn't covered with the row cover. But the protection is invaluable! I think this is the greatest advantage of planting broccoli in the fall. In the fall, it is getting cooler by harvest time. In the spring, when you begin picking the broccoli, the weather is turning warmer and infestation is a lot harder to control.

I tried growing broccoli for several years with absolutely no success! I know the discouragement of total crop failure! So if any aspect of gardening is discourages you, keep trying, learn all you can and maybe a huge crop is awaiting you!


  1. Very cute harvesters! Can you explain / describe the cover thing? I think we'd be interested in something like that.

  2. For more info on the row cover, click on the link above to see my post about it. If you have any more questions, just ask! It really has helped! Gina


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