Thursday, December 2, 2010

Free E-book - Glorious Coming

We are enjoying  Ann Voskamp's Advent devotional. We did something similar last year in December and really enjoyed focusing on the real meaning of Christmas.

You can get your own free copy at Holy Experience. You'll need to subscribe either for email or a feed reader to receive the download. But you'll never regret receiving Ann's words in your in-box each day.

While you are there, check out the Manifesto for Joyful Parenting. It is hanging at my sink and working conviction on my heart.

My brother-in-law registered a complaint at my recent lack of posting. I feel no need to apologize since I never claimed to make blogging a priority. But I don't want anyone thinking his brother's wife is slacking - so here is a few photos of what is keeping me away from the computer.

Homemade soap.

Cookie baking.

Canning venison.

But mostly, I'm still in recovery mode. I stay on my feet until afternoon nap time (my usual computer time) and collapse on the couch. Each day I feel a tiny bit better but I'm still coughing. On the weekend, a coughing spasm must have cracked a rib. Now, with each cough, I double over and think of dying. (And no, I'm not sharing photos.) I thought I had a high pain tolerance after four un-medicated labors. Maybe I need to reevaluate.

I do have a stack of cookie recipes sitting here. So I will be back, just not today.


  1. Definitely take care of yourself so you can make a full and speedy recovery. The holidays are approaching and it would be sad indeed to have a relapse. Not to mention, you're invaluable to your family. They need you! Prayers that you get well soon!

  2. Oh dear honey, please get your cough checked out - if it's that painful it needs attention. Get well soon:)
    pamela x

  3. Hmmm. May I ask what you do with your canned venison? We always freeze ours, but I see that you usually can yours. Is there much of a difference? Also I downloaded and printed the Manifesto - Just what I needed!!

  4. What type of soap do you make? My daughter is getting into making soap - and she is only making 1 pound batches. I think it wold tickle her to get tips & recipes from someone that does it regularly.

    Love your blog! I hope you feel better soon.

    In one of your earlier posts you wrote "I am just a Mom" about your time in your garden. Being a Mom is important. Very important. I wish I could have been home with my girls, but all in all, I guess we didn't do too badly.

    Thanks in advance

  5. So glad to hear your "on the mend". Please take care of yourself and your family first, however, this is the only blog I read and it has become a daily habit of mine to check up on you and yours. Your absence last week started anxiety like symptoms to develop. I had some shortness of breath and was hypertensive for most of week. I know at first this seems like its my problem but.....

  6. Always a busy little bee, with no complaints, only joy. You are such an inspiration to me, even though I am old enough to be your mother.
    God Bless you my dear friend.
    Debbie in East TN

  7. It sounds like you might have walking pneumonia did you go to the doctor? Take Care!

  8. you poor thing. And that virus is really making its rounds here too. I am stumbling along in exhaustion, but no cough at least.

    I love that your brother in law is goosing you to blog :) And I admire your tart response.

  9. You all are so sweet. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. I did see a doctor Monday. My husband was concerned about pneumonia, too. But it was "just" bronchitis. And I am improving each day. Looking back at two weeks ago, I've come a long way. Just hope to get all together well and healthy before 2011.

    Jeni - I freeze some venison too but I love having some canned because I can just dump it out, warm it up, and eat it. We love using it in stragonoff, or making a thick meat gravy over mashed potatoes, or rolling the pieces in flour and frying them in a skillet. Sometimes I put them in the crockpot with potatoes and carrots. Or add it to a vegetable stew. Try it - you may find lots of uses too!

    Sam- Soap making is new to me. I'll be sure to write about it when I figure out what I'm doing! So far I'm figuring out a lot of "what not to do" but I'm also finding it fun and partly addictive! And not nearly as scary as I used to think!


  10. Glad to see you posting, but take it easy and feel better soon!!

  11. Hope you feel better soon, Gina. We caught it too! The cough was the hardest and longest lasting effect, but it will go away. ~Monica

  12. Bless your heart! I hope you feel better soon. And as for the high pain tolerance thoughts...well, with labor you know you will at least get a baby in the end. With sickness like you have, well, it is just a pain! So I'm thinking you still have a high pain tolerance. :)

    Hang in there...and take care.

  13. Your jars of venison look yummy! Wow, somehow I missed how sick you were. I hope you get ALL BETTER soon! I can't wait to see you in January. I've come to really appreciate our "blogging friendship," and your words of wisdom, kindness, and conviction are treasured words indeed.

  14. Gina check this out. Maybe it will help you get better sooner. I have never tried this myself but heard great things about it.

  15. Thanks for getting back with me. I have to try canning some next time!

  16. Where can I find a homemade soap recipe that would make a nice like you pictured?

  17. Kim -
    I am very new at soap making but I plan to share the recipe I used in the next week or two.


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