Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday Instant Pot Deal

I was asked if there are Amazon Black Friday deals on the Instant Pot. 

Yes, there is. The eight-quart Instant Pot is nearly half price today.

I bought my Instant Pot at full price last year and don't regret the purchase. You can read the five reasons why I wasn't going to buy a Instant Pot - and did.

If you want to take advantage of the Instant Pot deals, move fast. On Amazon Prime Day they sold out of Instant Pots in only a few hours.

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  1. your post is what sold me on getting one finally,,,,,and a great gift for my daughter, so we bought two, lol,,,,,,,god bless you and your family, thank you for your review..

  2. Any good tried and true recipes for the Instant Pot now that you or readers have been using it for awhile? I have one but, I am hardly using it. My grandma used to pressure cook food all the time, they ate a lot of stews.

    1. Here is a recipe that I make often.


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